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Welcome to the hutch of Shelly Rabbit Productions.

On these pages, you will find out about our company ("About Us"), information and articles about the various "things" that make up a website (What's it all about?), the website development services that we offer ("Hare-Brained Services"), our calendar of events ("Hare Raising Events"), and our contact information("Contact Us").

Whatever your needs in a website, from an electronic brochure to a fully interactive database driven business engine, you will find the experts at Shelly Rabbit ready to deliver. We bring many years of computing experience to the table, all for the purpose of helping your business run better. If you still have questions after browsing our site, please get in touch through our "Contact Us" page. We look forward to hearing from you.

For organizations who need help in getting organized, we offer the Star-Tech Calendar. This web-based, MS-SQL driven calendar can be installed in any website in just three minutes with one line of code. This product is marketed under through Star-Tech. For complete information click here.

The link you see on the left is to a copy of the Star-Tech Calendar that is provided free of charge to several networking groups in the Atlanta Area to help them organize their organizations.

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